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About "Non-Receipt of PCI SAQ" Message

For many of our valued merchants, they are receiving a line item on their statement of "Non-Receipt of PCI SAQ" and it can be avoided! Please complete the validator today to avoid any further monthly service charges. We will store your SAQ on our system and you can re-validate year after year at no extra cost. If you have any externally facing IP addresses and process over the Internet, we will provide you with a low cost scanning service (SCANNING of your IP addresses is a Visa USA® and MasterCard International® requirement) for a low monthly fee. Scans will take place weekly and provide an email to you about your IP being scanned and what vulnerabilities are open. We will also work with you to correct those vulnerabilities.

Even though it may be unclear, it is a Visa® Rule to be compliant with the PCI DSS. In order to demonstrate compliance, we have determined you need to complete an SAQ or Self Assessment Questionnaire annually (which we have made easier through our SAQ Wizard) and if you have external IPs, you need a quarterly network scan.

We will work with you to help you get compliant. Compliance is a benefit to your customers and to the payments system as a whole. Simply give our customer service personnel a call and we will help you right away with our fully automated online SAQ Wizard!

EPI and Compliance

Electronic Payments, our network and authorization center is 100% compliant with the PCI DSS as determined by our Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). We have been 100% compliant since July 2008.

About Compliance Fees

Our feeling on compliance fees are 1) They should be used to recoup processor expenditures and 2) there should be ways to avoid the charge(s). While most processors charge a "PCI Compliance Fee" or "PCI Surcharge" of some sort, we are taking a different approach. We will work with you, your staff, your IT department, your sales representative - anyone affiliated with your business - to ensure you are PCI Compliant. This website has been created to provide the most in-depth answers to your PCI-related questions and also assist you in completing the SAQ that relates best to your business right over the Internet.

Instead of charging all merchants, we are only charging non-compliant merchants a fee. We have made every attempt to reach out and help merchants get compliant. Last year alone, EPI mailed out over 100,000 individual pieces of mail with truncation information, PCI compliance information, return receipt mailers to assist you in getting compliant as well as statement messages about PCI compliance and truncation. Unlike other companies, we have not shied away from trying to get our merchants compliant with the PCI DSS. And best of all, it takes just 5-10 minutes of your time, once per year!

Compliance Video

Watch this video to see a real merchant and the lessons learned about PCI Compliance!