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PCI Compliance and You

Protect Your Account From Association Fines and Penalties*

At no upfront cost, you will have the option of extending your 1-year of account protection to additional years of protection. There is no charge to use or complete the SAQ. EPI will shield you from Visa® and MasterCard® Association Fines and Penalties as a result of non-completion of the SAQ after you validate your account.*


If you have not completed your Annual SAQ via our validator and/or have an open IP address for processing that has not been scanned, you may be receiving a charge of $20 per month for not providing that information to us.

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EPI Expenditures Incurred on PCI Compliance 2008

2008 Compliance Upgrades and Maintenance (Hardware, Software, Subscriptions): $362,000

End to End Encryption of EPI Front-end (secures dial-up and IP traffic with AES Encryption): $189,000

PCI Compliance Security Audit by a QSA: $25,000

Postage, Handling and Materials Sent to Merchant Clients About PCI Compliance: $23,000

MasterCard® RAMP Audit: $20,000

Costs Incurred Updating Old Payment Applications and Swapping Pinpads/Terminals/etc.: $13,000

Secure Encryption Room for TG3/ANSIx9 Compliance: $10,000

Annual DES and 3DES Key Maintenance: $10,000

Annual TG3 Audit for Secure PIN Encryptions: $5,000


What Are We Doing?

We are...

Assisting you in completing an SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) for your business - It's a Visa® requirement

Providing End to End Encryption of EPI Front-end transactions

Financially shielding you against Visa® and MasterCard® Association fines*

Providing ongoing training and support

Communicating annually with you about our website to help renew your compliance in just 5 minutes per year!

*Fines directly attributed or caused by a merchant's non completion of the annual SAQ. Limit $5,000 per year if the SAQ has been completed. Breach, hack, fraud, or other events are not covered. We provide no insurance or other guarantees in providing the SAQ online for you to complete. Outward facing IPs require scanning by a qualified security assessor for all devices processing transactions over the Internet.